Yogurt Starter

Yogurt is a fermented milk product. Yogurt starter contain live yogurt bacteria, also call live yogurt cultures, which will help you to make homemade yogurt easily successful every time. 

Good yogurt starter will batch creamy, smooth, and great tasting yogurt.

There are many varieties of yogurt cultures in your local grocery stores or online shopping. When you buy or order them make sure to check the label with this important words "Contains live / active / probiotic cultures".

In here I am going to show you some good and healthy yogurt cultures, I am sure it will help you successful to make homemade yogurt

Direct-Set Yogurt-Starter:

Watch the video below to learn how to use Direct-set Yogurt-Starter to make yogurt.

Reusable Heirloom Yogurt Starter:

Reusable heirloom yogurt starter can be serial cultured. After your first batch from the reusable yogurt-starter package, save about 1/2 cup current batch yogurt in a small cleaned container, keep it in refrigetor for your next batch.

For your new batch yogurt, every 1 cup of milk combine with 1 tea-spoon previous batched yogurt, mix well, then pour it into the yogurt maker or jars. With some good care, you can continually making yogurt, no more buying yogurt-starter.

Save your money! The packet of yogurt-starter can make enough two batches of yogurt, keep the left half packet sealed and keep it in the freezer to use as a back-up.

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