Yogurt Smoothies

Yogurt Smoothiet

If you are eating yogurt smoothies by choice, you have taken good decision towards improving your health.

Concern for healthy eating is the main cause of a recent spurt on the yogurt’s popularity in the US.

But rather buy from a superstore; it is a great idea to make your own yogurt smoothie.

Those of you who have tasted homemade yogurt-smoothie would have been pleasantly surprised that it has a far better taste than the market variety.

Excessive dependence on processed food has taken away the nutritional supplement from our food because we have yielded to the convenience of easy purchase from the corner shop. And who wants the hassles at home, anyway?

Yogurt Vs Milk

How is yogurt healthy for you? Transformation of milk to yogurt takes place when bacteria convert lactose in the milk to lactic acid which has additional nutritional value.

If you are lactose-intolerant, yogurt is the best ingredient in your diet for the necessary calcium. Nutritionists say the healthiest yogurt contains only live, active cultures and milk.

Advantages of Homemade yogurt-smoothies and suggested Recipe:

Try making a smoothie at home and you may be surprised and thrilled.

Surprised, because you will realize, you've been paying far too much at smoothie shops.

For over a dollar, the 10 ounce premium drink in the supermarket will cost you a pretty penny.

And thrilled at how easy it was doing it yourself. And when you can get a far better homemade drink without much effort, you are not only enrich the taste of your family but save a lot of money as well.

Homemade smoothies with yogurt will turn out a winner at any home any day.

These smoothies can be made quite easily with a little patience.

For the whole family, you need to take about 16 ounces of yogurt and mix it with fresh fruit to fill the blender.

You can try fresh fruits like peaches, banana, strawberries or any other fruit. Add some fruit juice if you want it thinner.

You will be surprised at the difference in taste between this and what you have been buying in the past.

Including yogurt-smoothies as part of your diet can help with weight loss.

However, it does not mean you can survive on smoothie-only diet. You need other nutrients as well.

With homemade yogurt-smoothies, you have also ensured the exact ingredient which has gone in your recipe.

Other Benefits

Smoothies have a number of potential health benefits.

According to a published report homemade yogurt-smoothies prepared with fresh fruits or vegetables can help reduce risks of bone loss, kidney stones, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and even cancer.

Low-calorie smoothies with nutritious bases may make it easier for people to maintain healthy weights and avoid obesity or overweight.

Finally, yogurt smoothies are one of the most convenient meal and snack options, so they're simple for almost everyone to incorporate into a regular diet.

I am going to share some of my easy homemade yogurt-smoothie recipes, I hope you will enjoy them.

All these recipes are from my collections and my own scripts. If it seems similar to your recipes, these are only a collection, no forgery is intended.

What do you need to make your homemade smoothies with yogurt?

  • Homemade plain yogurt

  • A heavy-duty blender

  • Any kind of fresh fruit or vegetables, depending on which recipe are you going to use

  • Ice cubes

  • Juice or milk, depending on which recipe are you using to make your smoothie

  • Smoothie cups or bowls, spoons or straws to enjoy your fresh homemade smoothies

Superfood powders are the most nutrient-dense foods that nature has to offer, dried at low temperatures and delivered in the perfect form for adding to your favorite smoothie, yogurt or juice recipes. Try these Raw Organic Superfood Smoothie Powders, they will delight your smoothies.

Let's try these easy homemade yogurt smoothies!

Homemade Yogurt-Smoothie Recipes:

Blueberry Avocado Banana Yogurt Smoothie

Blueberry Avocado Banana Yogurt Smoothie

Tri-Berry Yogurt Smoothie

Tri-Berry Yogurt Smoothie

Cantaloupe Yogurt Smoothie

Cantaloupe Yogurt Smoothie

We will have more recipes to add in, so welcome back to try more.

We would love to try your yogurt recipes!

Please share your yogurt recipes here, I am sure every yogurt lover will love to try it.

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