Yogurt Facial Mask

A lots of people get benefit from using yogurt facial mask.

Homemade yogurt has lots good for you. It is not only good for eating, it can also "feed" your skin - homemade yogurt facial mask.

Because yogurt contains lactic acid and milk proteins, these will soften your skin, enhance exfoliation, brighten and smooth your skin, keep the skin moist and delicate and elastic .

You can only use plain yogurt alone as face mask, or add some ingredients to get more effects for your skin care.

Yogurt is one of the natural treatments for your skin.

You can see and feel the instant results on yourskin. Put 1/2 teaspoon plain yogurt on one of your wrists, keep it there for about 20 minutes, wash it off, and compaire both your hands, you will see the differences between your two wrists.

If you never have yogurt facial mask before, it is better test your skin first. Test it in a small area on your wrist for about hour to check for any reactions.

If you feel burning or itching, that probably means you are allergic or sensitive to yogurt. If you are allergic to dairy products, you need avoid using any kind of dairy and yogurt face masks.

Homemade yogurt masks are very easy to make. You don't have to make a lot in one time. Because fresh is always the best. Keep in mind, when you eat yogurt, keep your last spoon to "feed" your skin.

Here are some easy homemade yogurt face mask recipes. All these recipes are from my collections and my own scripts. If it seems similar to you recipes, these are only a collection, no forgery is intended.

Good to know before you start using any kind of masks.

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Homemade Yogurt Facial Mask Recipes

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There are more simple ingredients you can find in your kitchen for homemade face masks.

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