Strain Yogurt

People like to strain yogurt to make thicker creamier yogurt, that's how Greek yogurt come from.

At home, you can simply use easy technique to straining your regular homemade plain yogurt, or store bought plain yogurt. You will get Greek yogurt, or yogurt cheese all depends on the straining time, and the yogurt thickness.

The liquid from strained yogurt is called whey. Don't throw away whey, because whey from strained yogurt still contains calcium, carbohydrates, protein. You can use it to cook or bake; you can temporary keep it in the refrigerator for later use.

After plain yogurt strained, you will get thicker, creamier texture yogurt and different flavor than regular yogurt, the thicker the tart taste; because the whey took out lactose.

Strained yogurt depend on its thickness, can use as Greek yogurt, yogurt dip, salad dressings, or use for cooking.

Normally, Greek yogurt will take about 3-4 hours straining, it will remove about half of the whey; yogurt cheese will take about 8 hours straining, it will remove most of the whey.

If you just want a little bit thicker yogurt, but not thick like Greek yogurt, consider to strain plain yogurt for about 2 hours.

Now let's start to strain your homemade yogurt.

  • The best choice to straining up to 3 cups homemade yogurt, I will suggest you to use Yogurt Cheese Maker. Because it is the best and easy way to make thicker yogurt, Greek yogurt and yogurt cheese. You will love it like I did.

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