Homemade Soy Yogurt

-From Vegan Yogurt Starter

Homemade Soy Yogurt

I am going to show you how to make soy yogurt at home by using vegan yogurt starter.

The soy milk is directly made from my soy milk maker, fresh and healthy.

The vegan yogurt starter was ordered from Cultures for Health, it is direct set non dairy yogurt starter.

You need:

  • Soy milk maker to make fresh soy milk, or you can use store bough soy milk;
  • Vegan yogurt starter;
  • Thermometer;
  • 2/3 cup sugar;
  • cleaned jars or container;
  • Cooler to keep the warm temperature; (You can use yogurt maker, or other methods from this website to make soy yogurt).
  • A big bottle to have some hot water, to maintain the temperature.

Let's Start:

  • Follow this page to make one batch (about 6 cups) fresh soy milk at home; strain the milk one or two times, depends how you like it;

(Tip: if you want thicker soy yogurt, you can add 5 cups water when you make the soy milk)

strain soy milk

  • Add 2/3 cup sugar when the milk still hot, and stir it;

Add sugar

  • Cool the milk to about 108°F, not over 110°F, or it will kill the bacteria.

about 108°F

  • Get ready for the Vegan yogurt starter, use scissors to cut it open;

Vegan yogurt starter

  • Add Vegan yogurt starter into the milk and stir it well;

  • Pour the mixture into jars or container(s);

  • Add lids on the bottles, but not tie it;

  • Move bottles to cooler, I have one big bottle hot water in it to keep the cooler warm. You can use other method to keep the temperature, then cover it;

  • After 6-8 hours, your soy yogurt is ready to move into refrigerator, let them chill about 4-6 hours or over night;

  • Here is the fresh homemade soy yogurt. The soy yogurt will not thick like store bought, because I didn't add any thickening agents. If you want thicker yogurt you can add soy milk powder, tapioca starch, Ultra-gel, agar and some other thickeners.

Fresh homemade soy yogurt

In my opinion, it is better to have thinner original soy yogurt, not to add anything to make it thicker. That is the truly healthy snack.

It is very tasty and great! Come and try to make yours!

It is Delicious!

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