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My family loves soy milk. It is a lot of work to make your own soy milk without a soy milk maker, and it takes a long time to cook it too.

Finally I decided to buy a soy milk maker, so it will save my time and I will get soy milk easily and faster.

I did a lot of research about soy milk machines, trying to find a good rated soy milk maker at an affordable price.

SoyaPower Plus Soymilk Maker is the best one according Amazon customers ratings.

And I ordered one from Amazon! SoyaPower Plus Soymilk Maker!

I love SoyaPower Plus Soymilk Maker. It is white and pretty.

The size is not as big as I imaged it when I ordered it. It is a little taller than a 380 cups coffee can.

soy milk maker soy milk maker

The first things after SoyaPower Plus soymilk Maker arrived is, I wash the beans and soaked it into water, wash all parts of soy milk maker, get ready for my first batch.

The next morning I had my first soy milk from my new soy milk Maker. It just took about 15-20 minutes. Wow!! That was fast. We had hot fresh soy milk that morning, and it was gone in a minute!

From that day, I made my soy milk every day, and haven't stopped yet.

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In this page I will show you how to easily use this SoyaPower Plus Soymilk Maker to make your homemade soy milk.

  1. Soak one SoyaPower Plus cup soybean 8-12 hours or over night, (this SoyaPower Plus cup comes with the soy machine, it is about 1/2 regular measuring cup). It is better to check the soy beans before you soak it, pick out the bad ones, then wash and soak it; before you make the soy milk, rinse it about 2-3 times.
  2. soy milk maker

  3. This is beans soaked for 8 hours
  4. soy milk maker

  5. Pour the soaked soybeans into the container
  6. soy milk maker soy milk maker

  7. Add drinking water into container at the water lines marked inside the container
  8. soy milk maker

  9. Attach the funnel to the machine head as shown in the picture.
  10. soy milk maker

  11. Place the machine head onto the container and lock latchs at the front and back of the soy-milk-machine.
  12. soy milk maker soy milk maker

  13. Plug the power cord to the machine and wall power socket, now you will see the SoyaPower Plus light on, push the Soy Beans button and with a beep, you will see that the Soy Beans light comes on. Now the soy milk machine begins to work
  14. soy milk maker soy milk maker

  15. It will take about 15-20 minutes for this process, your soy milk will be ready when you hear the soy machine beep and the Soy Beans light blinking. Remove the power cord and wait a few minutes.
  16. soy milk maker

  17. Unlock the latch on both sides, carefully take out the soy machine head
  18. soy milk maker

  19. This is before straining the soy milk, you cannot drink it yet. You have to stain it at least once to filter out the soy bean dregs.
  20. soy milk maker

  21. Slowly pour all soy milk into the plastic pitcher through the strainer ( the plastic pitcher and strainer comes with your soy machine)
  22. soy milk maker

  23. Use a spoon and slightly press the soy bean dregs, this will squeeze out some more soymilk
  24. soy milk maker

    If the very fine dregs does not bother you while drinking the soy milk, you can skip the next step - extra straining using a coffee filter. Add sugar or other sweeteners and your favorate flavors.

  25. Put the coffee filter onto another container.
  26. soy milk maker

  27. Pour the strained soy milk from the pitcher to the coffee filter for the second straining. You can use a spoon to carefully stir it, it will help strain faster.
  28. soy milk maker soy milk maker

  29. This is the second filtered fine soy bean dregs. After this extra step, you will feel a lot better when you drink the soy milk.
  30. soy milk maker

  31. Add 1/4 cup of sugar or other sweeterner to fit your taste.
  32. soy milk maker

  33. It's time to drink your fresh home made soy milk, I love drink it in hot, and it taste better too. :D
  34. soy milk maker

Enjoy your soy milk?

Hot soy milk tastes good.

Get Your Own Soy Milk Maker Now!
It Just Takes 15 Minutes to Make Your Fresh Soy Milk!

Start rewarding yourself for having healthy food, and also beneficial for your family.

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