Soy Greek Yogurt

Soy Greek Yogurt, People love Greek-style yogurt. Greek yogurt is famous because of its thick, creamy, and tasty texture.

It is not easy to find soy Greek-style yogurt in grocery stores. Even you found some, it tastes like jello or pudding, not like soy yogurt. The price is expensive too.

The good news is: these problems are easy to solve. You can make your own homemade soy Greek-style yogurt in a very simple and easy way.

You will love your own homemade yogurt, and you know everything that you made is a real soy yogurt, no other things are added like in the manufactores.

As the dairy milk yogurt to Greek yogurt, the soy yogurt can be used the same way to make soy Greek-style yogurt through a strainer.

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Let see how to make your homemade soy Greek yogurt:

You need cheesecloth, a strainer to make soy Greek-style yogurt.

Follow all ways Homemade Soy Yogurt steps to make your homemade soy yogurt.


1. Boil two cups of water in a small pot, and put the cheesecloth in there, and soak for about two minutes, to kill the germs.

2. Pour out the water, and let the cheesecloth cool a little bit, and wring out thewater. The cheesecloth will only feel damp.

3. Fold the cheesecloth into 4 layers, then lay it on a strainer;

4. Pour in your homemade plain soy yogurt;

5. Fold and cover the plain soy yogurt;

6. Add some weight on the top, this will help in pushing out the whey from the plain yogurt;

7. Move the whole strainer into the refrigerator, let it drain for about 3-6 hours. Depending on the thickness that you would like.

8. Now your soy yogurt will become thick and creamy;

9. Move this fresh homemade soy Greek yogurt into a container, and use a spoon or whisk stir (or beat) it well to make it creamier;

10. And then put the yogurt back to the refrigerator for another 2 hours or longer, the yogurt will become thicker after cooling down.


Keep the some of the whey in the refrigerator, if your yogurt is too thick, you can mix the whey back to meet your texture and thickness.

Add your flavor that you want after you finished all the above 11 steps, or just keep your plain soy Greek yogurt in a box in the refrigerator, flavor it before you use.

You did it! Great job!

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