What is Pearl Powder?

Pearl Powder as the name suggests is nothing but a fine milled version of oceanic or fresh water pearls. To be more specific best quality pearls are used to develop Pearl Powder by crushing them to form fine powdered particles.

In China there has been a long tradition of using pearl powder (non-toxic) to treat skin problems, such as eczema, boils, and acne.

Cixi Taihou (Empress Dowager Cixi), Yang Guifei - Chaise Yang (One of the four ancient Chinese Beauties), they ate pearl powder for the special purpose fo beauty.

Benefits of Pearl powder

Pearl powder specially helps in treating acne, which in many cases seem to be intractable or irremovable and appears to be a part of your face, which is not the case. Now, the question arises as how acne removal using pearl powder takes place.

Pearl powder contain conchiolin, also called pearl protein. It helps in the stimulation of new skin growth and facilitates collagen regeneration, which in turn develops a radiant, youthful complexion.

Adding pearl powder to your daily use faical cream, body lotions and sunscreen, gives you better sun protection for your skin. You can see a beautiful changes in your skin. It is believed that pearl powder helps prevent skin slow down melanin producion.

Apart from facial corrections, pearl powder also makes the mind peaceful, as according to Indian people, they wear Pearl rings in their fingers just to have a peaceful life. And as you know, peace of mind promotes healthy sleep and thus a good health. So, pearl powder has multiple benefits which a have an awesome effect on the whole body and not only the face.

You can take a small tube (0.3mg) of pearl power with yogurt to get calcium and minerals. Some people add a dash of pearl powder into herbal tea, or mixed into fruit juice to reduce stress. You can also use pearl powder to heal mouth ulcers, and I tried this before, it worked overnight, and healed in next two three days.

You can find pearl powder in most Asian health shops and in the offices of Chinese medical practitioners.

High quality pearl powder can be expensive, but buy the best quality you can afford is always benefit for you.

How the Yogurt Facial Mask helps in anti-acne treatment

Homemade pearl powder yogurt facial mask is one of the easiest way, and will have the best result for acne and more. As it doesn't only have the magical pearl powder, but along with it has Yogurt which according to research is the best in-toxic facial product. Yogurt helps in refreshing skin and developing a shine that is lost under the effect of the sun. It tightens the pores which removes the dark spots from the face and makes it appear flawless.

So, now you can imagine what combined effect will yogurt and Pearl Powder will make. Pearl powder yogurt facial mask doesn't only help in getting a better skin but improves overall lifestyle. This revolutionary combination makes you appear as the best in the crowd.

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