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Pearl Powder Yogurt Facial Mask

Homemade Pearl powder yogurt facial mask is one of the easiest way, and will have the best result for acne remove, whiting your skin, removing dark spots, age spots, freckles, smooth your skin.

When the first time I asked my teenage daughter to try this mask for her acne. After she washed out the mask and she said " Mom, look! I have baby skin now". That was truth, and she is my baby.


It doesn't only have the magical pearl powder, but along with it has Yogurt which according to research is the best in-toxic facial product.

Yogurt helps in refreshing skin and developing a shine that is lost under the effect of the sun.

It tightens the pores which removes the dark spots from the face and makes it appear flawless.

So, now you can imagine what combined effect will yogurt and Pearl Powder will make.

Pearl powder yogurt facial mask doesn't only help in getting a better skin but improves overall lifestyle.

This revolutionary combination makes you appear as the best in the crowd.

Learn more about Pearl powder.

Pearl Powder Yogurt Face Mask:

For all skin types.


  • 1 tbs homemade plain yogurt

  • 1 small bottle or capsules of pearl powder(0.3mg)

  • Pearl Powder

  • 1 tbs honey

  • 1 tbs olive oil


  1. In a small bowl, pour out all pearl powder from bottle or capsules.

  2. Pearl Powder

  3. Add in plain yogurt, honey and olive oil.

  4. pearl powder yogurt mask

  5. Mix them well.

  6. pearl powder yogurt mask

  7. Apply mixture to face.

  8. About 15-20 minutes.

  9. Wash with cool water, and pat dry

  10. Apply your regular moisturizer

  11. Serves: 1

For better result, after you put mask on your face, relax for 15-20 minutes.

For the first start using Pearl power yogurt face mask, apply it every two days for the first week, and then you will find your acne is less and less grown on your face, keep use twice a week for another two weeks.

You will also have bright tight beautiful youth looking skin.

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