Use Outlet Timer to Control-
Slow Cooker to Make Homemade Yogurt

Now lets talk about how to use the outlet timer to save your time.

Because I use the slow cooker to make homemade yogurt, it will take a long time to cook and wait for it to cool down to the wanted temperature, so I use my outlet timer to control all this.

Count about 2.5 hours cooking timeand 3.5 hours cooling time, total is 6 hours before you can add the starter in for the yogurt.

I get up at 6:00am, I need the milk is cool down to the temperature approx 115F.

Counting back the time from 6:00am, so the start cooking time will be 12:00 midnight.

I set up the outlet timer to start cook at 12:00am(midnight) and stop at 2:30am.

Don't worry! Let's go to bed.

Outlet timer

When I get up in the morning the milk is already cooked and cool down to about 115F.

If it still a little bit hot, I keep the lid off for about 10-20 minutes.

I take out the starter from refrigetor, I don't put the starter out of refrigetor for over night, that is too long, so it's not good for it. Wait about 30 mins to add the starter.


Mix well with a few spoons of warm milk from the slow cooker to one cup of plain yogurt, and pour the mixture into the slow cooker.


Cover it with a big bath towel. It is about 7:00am.


Later, around 5:30pm, the milk has already turned to plain yogurt.


What a nice process this is!

I don't need spend too much time on it, and I still get fresh homemade yogurt.

The rest will be the same, put a cup of yogurt into a box in the refrigetor for keeping it for the next time use as a starter, put the rest into boxes and then into refrigetor. The next day I will have nice, creamy yogurt as my breakfast or desserts for dinner.

You can see that the total time that I spent on this was not over 15 minutes.

You can also try this 4-qt. Digital Slow Cooker by Calphalon:

Did you have a good sleep? I did.

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