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- Oreo Strawberry Yogurt

Oreo strawberry yogurt

Oreo strawberry yogurt, chocolate cookies plus strawberry add into yogurt, a good yogurt breakfast choice. No hungry all the morning, so you can concentrate on your studies and work.

Oreo Strawberry Yogurt:


  • 3-4 pieces Oreo cookies.

  • Wash and clean 4-6 medium sized strawberries.

  • 1/2 or 2/3 Cup refrigerated homemade plain yogurt


  1. Break Oreo cookies into small pieces;

  2. slice strawberries and keep aside;

  3. Put refrigerated homemade plain yogurt into a bowl;

  4. Add in Oreo cookies and strawberries;

  5. Mix them well and enjoy it

    Serves: 1


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