How To Make Greek Yogurt

by using cheese cloth

Cheese cloth making Greek yogurt

Use cheese cloth to straining yogurt is a easy and cheapest way to make homemade Greek yogurt.

Follow my easy step-by-step How to make Greek yogurt, you will have your fresh homemade Greek in about 4 hours (not include yogurt culture time).

Now let me show you how to make Greek yogurt:

1. After you finished your first step in making your homemade yogurt.

2. Boil two cups of water in a small pot, and put the cheesecloth in there, soak for about two minutes, to kill the germs.

3. Pour out water, and let the cheesecloth cool a little bit, and wring out the water. The cheesecloth will only feel damp.

4. Fold the cheesecloth into 4 layers, then lay it on a strainer;

(You can use Bouillon Strainer. It is a little pricey, but it is good to use and convenience)

homemade Greek yogurt

5. Pour in your homemade plain yogurt;

homemade Greek yogurt

6. This is what the plain yogurt looks like;

homemade Greek yogurt

7. Fold and cover the plain yogurt;

homemade Greek yogurt

8. Add some weight on the top, this will help in pushing out the whey from the plain yogurt;

homemade Greek yogurt

9. Move the whole strainer into the refrigerator, let it drain for about 3-6 hours. Depending on the thickness that you would like. Mine was drained for about 3 hours;

10. This is after 3 hours of drained Greek yogurt, it is nice, thick and creamy;

homemade Greek yogurt

11. This is the whey, was drained from the plain yogurt, I used it to make my homemade bread. :)

homemade Greek yogurt

12. Move this fresh homemade yogurt into a container, and use a spoon or whisk stir (or beat) it well;

homemade Greek yogurt

13. Now put the Greek yogurt back to the refrigerator for about 2 hours or longer, the yogurt will become thicker after cooling down.

Now you will start to enjoy your homemade Greek yogurt, by adding sweetener, fruits, or fine chopped nuts. You will never believe this very tasty creamy homemade best Greek yogurt, how smooth it is on your tongue...,

More ways to make homemade Greek yogurt:

Greek Yogurt Starter

Greek Yogurt Starter

(make your Greek yogurt with out straining them)

Yogurt Cheese Maker

(Better way to strain your yogurt)

Coffee Filter straining Yogurt

(For small amount yogurt straining)

Cheese Cloth making Greek Yogurt

(Cheap and easy way to straining yogurt)

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