Homemade Greek Yogurt

Many people try to find the way to make homemade Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt is steadily becoming more popular as a common snack in fridges around the globe.

Considered a ‘new’ food, this type of yogurt has been produced for centuries in the Mediterranean. Its zesty taste is not as sweet as regular yogurt and some say more enticing to the palate.

Given its different taste and texture, many will ask is it any healthier than regular yogurt? Thankfully, the answer seems to be yes.

Although packing roughly the same amount of calories, Greek yogurt contains less than half the sugar content, something nearly everyone will be happy with!

Greek yogurt also doubles the protein of standard yogurt, helping you feel fuller, quicker. This is also a huge advantage for vegetarians as they find it hard to get enough of their daily recommended levels of protein due to the lack of meat in their diet.

For those on a diet, sticking to the fat-free and low-fat varieties of Greek yogurt is a must. Tasty as it is, you must be aware that the full-fat variety can leave you creeping very close to your daily allowances quickly!!

Thankfully it has roughly half the sodium (salt) content of regular yogurt which makes it an attractive option for people with diabetes or hypertension. It is also a great source of calcium and vitamins B6 and B12.

As well as the nutritional benefits, Greek yogurt also has medicinal uses. Some swear by its soothing effects for burns, both from the sun and light accidental burns. Many people will use yogurt before and creams or over the counter products, citing its natural ingredients as more effective for calming the skin.

Greek yogurt and indeed most yogurts can also be used in the prevention of diarrhea associated with antibiotics. The lactose intolerant among us will have no problem eating Greek yogurt without any of the normal side effects associated with dairy products. The process of making the yogurt decreases the lactose in it, giving the full taste without having to worry about any negative side effects.

Traditional Greek yogurt made in Greece is produced slightly differently to other western countries such as the USA or Western Europe. In the USA Greek yogurt would be produced from cow’s milk in nearly every case. Greeks tend to prefer the tangier taste of sheep’s milk for their Greek yogurt production, although it is still to be found in the cow’s milk variety here also.

Producing your own homemade Greek yogurt is both a rewarding and tasty task to undertake! Following simple instructions you can be enjoying your own home made, delicious Greek yogurt very, very soon!

You need make you home made yogurt first, there are many ways to make yogurt at home:

  • Yogurt from Jars

Ways to make Homemade Greek yogurt:

Greek Yogurt Starter

(heirloom yogurt starters can be reused indefinitely)

Yogurt Cheese Maker

(Better way to strain your yogurt)

Coffee Filter straining Yogurt

(For small amount yogurt straining)

Cheese Cloth making Greek Yogurt

(Cheap and easy way to straining yogurt)

Greet Yogurt tastes good!

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