Hands Yogurt Mask

 Hands Yogurt Mask

Hands yogurt mask - A great way to keep your hands moisturized and beautiful.

Hands are ladies second "face", almost every lady likes to have soft, smooth, beautiful and healthy hands.

But your daily work, cooking, cleaning, washing, and gardening will damage your hands.

Only applying hand cream is not enough to keep your hands pretty.

It is too expensive to go to spas to take care of your hands very often, and you always have to make an appointment.

Why not try to make your own hands-yogurt mask at home!

It's money beneficial, and you can do it every other day, or every week.

You will like this easy and cheap beauty recipes.

Enjoy your beautiful skin!!

Before you start your hands mask, you need to know these steps:

  • Take all rings off your fingers

  • One basin with the size able to soak both hands at the same time

  • Fresh homemade yogurt mask always works the best, so find a recipe below and make it, and keep aside

  • Cut 2 plastic wraps, each one should be enough to fully wrap around your hand, or it could also be easier to use Cozie liners

  • A pair of Thermal Heated Beauty Mitts or Insulating Hand Mitts

  • Move your sleeves up to your elbows

  • Make sure there are no skin cuts, rashes, burns, irritation on your hands

  • Wash and clean your hands, then soak into warm water for 15 minutes

  • Then apply your homemade mask, wrap both of your hands into your plastic wraps or Cozie liners

  • Keep your hands in Thermal Heated Beauty Mitts or Insulating Hand Mitts for about 15-20 minutes

  • After you have completed your yogurt masks, thoroughly wash off the yogurt masks and dry with a towel

  • Apply Hand Creme after you drying your hands

  • These masks also can be apply for your feet care

Hands-Yogurt-Mask Recipes :

Love your beautiful hands? Come back later to find more.

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