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- Grape and Banana Yogurt

Grape and Banana Yogurt

In the winter time, it is hard to find some fresh fruits to add into my fruit yogurt. I went to Sam's Club today and saw that the seedless black grapes looks good so I bought a box.

I couldn't wait to taste the black grapes with my yogurt. And I found I still have a ripened banana, so I thought I would try to add both of them into the yogurt.

The sweet grapes and banana made my fruit yogurt very tasty and sweet, I didn't even have to add any sugar.

Here is the recipe, you can use any type of seedless sweet grapes instead of black grapes.

Grape and Banana Yogurt:


  • 1/2 cup seedless black grapes

  • One ripened banana

  • One cup homemade yogurt


  1. Cut the seedless black grapes into half and keep in a bow;

  2. Peel and slice the banana and keep it aside;

  3. Add the halved grapes and slice banana into yogurt bowl

    Serves: 1

Now it's time to enjoy your fruit yogurt bowl,

it is sweet with grapes and banana flavor.

Soooo Sweet!

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