Dairy Free Yogurt

Dairy free yogurt, also known as soy yogurt, almond milk yogurt, coconut milk yogurt and rice milk yogurt, are steadily becoming more popular in food circles worldwide.

There are a great many people who cannot eat dairy products for medical reason, however there are a growing number of people who simply choose not to eat dairy! This can be for a variety of reasons, being a vegan, health benefits etc.

Dairy-free yogurt can be a fantastic way to get all the other benefits from a tasty yogurt without the dairy. There are many nutritional benefits to eating yogurt and non dairy or soy yogurt provides a great and tasty alternative!

Non dairy yogurt, or dairy free as some may prefer to call it, is lactose free and a good source of essential fatty acids. Due to how it is prepared, it is actually higher in protein than regular yogurt, great for Vegans with their meat-less diets!!

The proteins contained inside have a great nutritional value, so that they have been linked with reducing the risk of heart disease.

Those with milk allergies will enjoy the delicious taste of dairy free yogurt without fear of any reaction. Fortunately, it tastes so good that it is not a poor alternative to regular yogurt, it is a worthy alternative.

Another group purported to reap benefits from non dairy yogurt are menopausal women. Studies have shown this type of yogurt to relieve symptoms such as hot flashes and can also help maintain healthy bones.

Non dairy yogurt is a creamy, delicious snack and can be enjoyed in so many ways. On its own or as a compliment to other foods, its packs a different taste to regular yogurt but a taste many will prefer.

Of course it is easily flavoured with sweeteners and fruits. In fact it is so easy and cost effective to make at home, putting your own tasty ingredients to it can become quite a treat!

As we all know, homemade food just tastes better and has the added benefit of saving you money! It does take a little more time than going down to the shop and just picking it up off the shelf but it is worth it.

You can customize your dairy free yogurt to exactly how you want it to taste and make it healthier still!

Imagine packing more vitamins into an already super healthy food! It can be perfectly to enjoy everyday.

Give it a try; you will be amazed how much you will like it!

Homemade Soy Yogurt  Slow Cooker

Homemade Soy Yogurt

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Homemade Soy Yogurt

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