Coleman Jug Making Yogurt

Coleman Jug Making Yogurt

Many families have Coleman Jug. Coleman jug works well in keeping your drink cold, or keeping your soup hot for hours. If you have one Coleman Jug in your home, and you are a yogurt lover, why don't you try to use it make homemade yogurt.

Coleman Jug making yogurt is an easy and cheap way to make your homemade yogurt. Follow our step by step how-to to make homemade yogurt by using Coleman 1/2-Gallon Jug, you will get fresh tasty homemade-yogurt.

What do you need:

  • You need to have a Coleman 1/2-Gallon Jug (clean and dry before use)

  • One 3 quart capacity sauce pot.

  • One cooking thermometer.

  • 7 cups milk (whole milk, 1% reduced fat milk, 2% reduced fat milk; the whole milk works better).

  • 1 cup Dannon Brand All Natural Plain Yogurt, or other brands of plain yogurt, but it must have active cultures (this is the yogurt starter).

  • A bowl and a spoon (used to mix plain yogurt and milk).

  • One big clean bath towel (used for covering the Coleman to keep the temperature).

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Let start using Coleman Jug Making Yogurt:

  1. Pour the 7 cups of milk into the sauce pot;

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  3. On the stove top, turn on the heater to mid-high, and cook the milk until the temperature reaches 180°F (about 83°C)

  4. Coleman jug making 


  5. Turn off the heater. You can wait for the milk to cool down in room temperature (may take about 1-2 hours); or you can also place the pot into a basin of cool water so the milk can cool down faster.

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  7. Take out one cup of plain yogurt and put aside for about 30 minutes before you use it.

  8. Coleman jug making 


  9. Check that the milk temperature is between 110°F-120°F (about 43°C-48°C), preferably about 115°F (about 46°C).

  10. Coleman jug making 


  11. Spoon in some warm milk from the pot and mix well.

  12. Coleman jug making 


  13. Pour the rest of the milk into the Coleman Jug

  14. Coleman jug making 


  15. Pour in yogurt starter mixture and stir.

  16. Coleman jug making 


  17. Cover Coleman lid, but do not tie it

  18. Coleman jug making 


  19. Use the big towel to cover the jug and let it sit for about 8-12 hours; depending on the room temperature, the jug should be left for a shorter time in a warmer room than in a cooler room .

  20. Coleman jug making 


  21. Now that the milk has become yogurt (mine took about 10 hours), when you remove the lid, you will see that the yogurt will have some liquid on it, this is normal, and this liquid is called "whey", I like to keep it in the yogurt. Or you can drain it if you want to.

  22. Coleman jug making 


    Coleman jug making 


  23. Gently take out about one cup and put it into a clean container with a lid, and you can keep it in the refrigerator for up to a week so you can use it for the next time you need a yogurt starter.

  24. Move the rest of the yogurt into clean containers, and refrigerate. Afer 4-6 hours, it will be a nice and creamy plain yogurt.

  25. Coleman jug making 


  26. Then enjoy your fresh Coleman Jug Making Yogurt!

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