Coffee Filter Straining Yogurt

If you just want to strain a cup of homemade yogurt, coffee filter will be the good choice.

You will need:

  • Coffee filter(s)
  • A container to catch the whey for each of the coffee filter
  • Plastic wrap to cover yogurt
  • Plastic bag (no zipper) with some water in and tied it to give some weight to accelerate the processing time

strain yogurt

Let's start:

  1. Place coffee filter on the top of the container that holds the coffee filter

  2. strain 


  3. Spoon in about 2/3 to 1 cup of homemade yogurt or store bought plain yogurt to each coffee filter

  4. strain 


  5. Cover with plastic wrap on the to of coffee filter, I used two filters at this time

  6. strain 




  7. Make two small water plastic bags for each of the coffee filter and tied them.

  8. strain 


  9. Place water bags on the top of yogurt filters

  10. strain 




  11. Then move them into refrigerator

  12. strain 


  13. The straining time for reference:

    • Thicker yogurt - the thickness is between regular plain yogurt and Greek yogurt, is about 1-2 hours

    • Greek yogurt - about 3-4 hours

    • Yogurt cheese - about 8 hours, or over night

    • strain 

      This picture shows after 4 hours strained yogurt, it become Greek yogurt.

  14. After your strained yogurt reach your desired thickness, move it from filters into another container and fully stir it until creamy, tied the lid and keep it into refrigerator for later use

  15. strain 


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