Adzuki Bean Milk
- Red Bean Milk

adzuki beans

Adzuki bean milk is a pinkish light gray colored, and very nutrious bean milk.

Adzuki beans: other name like adsuki, red bean, chi dou(Mandarin), red oriental, hong xiao dou(Mandarin), red small bean, etc.

Adzuki beans are small, reddish-brown, round beans. They are very popular in China, Japan, and south-east Aisa. They have a sweet flavor, are rich in fiber, and very nutritious. They are usually made as a red bean paste or cooked with rice, and most of the time the make sweet meals, desserts, or cool drinks.

Aduki beans are like soy beans, black beans, and are used as a main source in a macrobiotic diet.

When you order or buy these beans, pay attention to the package, it is better to get organic products and not GMO products.

I am going to show you how to make adzuki bean milk.

Adzuki bean milk

Adzuki beans is thick after being made into bean milk, so I made it into a combination with soy beans and got a better result.

Making adzuki bean milk is just like making soy bean milk or black bean milk, after combining with soy beans, the color of the adzulk bean milk is kind of like beige or pinkish light gray.

It will be easier to use the soy milk maker to make adzuki bean milk, to save a lot of time.

Let's make Adzuki bean milk.

Adzuki Bean Milk:


  • 1/2 SoyaPower Plus cup Organic Adzuki Beans (this SoyaPower Plus cup comes with the soy milk machine, it is about 1/4 regular measuring cup).

  • 1/2 SoyaPower Plus cup organic soy beans (this SoyaPower Plus cup comes with the soy milk machine, it is about 1/4 regular measuring cup).

  • 6-1/3 cup drinking water .

    1. Soak beans 8-12 hours or over night (It is better to check the beans before you soak it, pick out the bad ones and dirt or rock, then wash and soak it; before you make the milk, rinse it about 2-3 times;

    2. Pour the soaked beans into the soy milker container;

    3. Add drinking water into container at the water lines marked inside the container, is about 6-1/3 cups;

    4. Follow the soy milk maker instruction to attach the head part, plug the power cord to the machine and wall power socket, then push the soy bean button;

    5. Wait about 15-20 minutes for the soy milk maker process, you will hear beep and the soy beans light blinking. Remove the power cord and wait a few minutes.

    6. Unlock the latch on both sides, carefully take out the soy milk machine head;

    7. Slowly pour all milk into the plastic pitcher through the strainer ( the plastic pitcher and strainer comes with your soy milk machine)

    8. Use a spoon and slightly press the bean dregs, this will squeeze out some more milk

    9. Put the coffee filter onto another container do the second time straining the milk, as this extra step, you will feel a lot better when you drink the Adzuki bean milk. You can use a spoon to carefully stir it, it will help strain faster.

    10. Add 1/4 cup of sugar or other sweeterner to fit your taste.

    11. It's time to drink your fresh home made red bean milk, I love drink it in hot, so as my daughter, and it taste better and smells good too. :D

    12. Try to keep the rest bean milk in the refrigerator when it is cool down to the room temperature, because it will turn to bad faster than the soy milk.

Enjoy your Fresh Adzuki-Bean Milk!

I know you will like Adzuki bean milk!

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